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Frequently Asked Questions: General Accounting

How do I create a journal entry?

Workday is configured so that you can select the correct cost centers (orgs) and spend categories (accounts), decreasing the need for journal entries. However, journal entries are still possible in Workday and will automatically route to the accounting department for review and approval.


Who do I send the Journal Entry to and when is it due for each month-end?

It is not necessary to send Journal Entries to Accounting Services as Workday routes the journal for approval. Be sure to attach your back up in Workday. If a journal entry EIB of 10 lines or more needs to be submitted, please create using the Workday Bulk Journal Entry EIB (10 Lines or More) (XLS) and email to accountingservices@vassar.edu.


Where can I find a list of commonly used expense accounts?

Check back for a list of Common Expense Accounts, here or in the general accounting area of our offices.