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Guidelines for Large Journal Entries (over 10 lines)

  1. A journal entry over 10 lines.

  2. Use the Automated Journal Entry Form found on Accounting Services website under "Forms and Training", or use the link.

  3. Make sure the journal entry contains no $-signs, no commas, no zero values, column totals equal, description is acceptable (35 characters max.); first line of data begins on Line 9.

  4. Email completed journal entry form to accountingservices@vassar.edu.

  5. Print out a copy of the journal entry and have a supervisor sign it, and then send to Accounting Services, Box 12, along with appropriate backup.  Please note on the journal entry that it is a copy of a journal entry that was previously emailed to Accounting Services, to prevent duplicate entries.

     Automated Journal Entries will have a document number of A701xxx and will    feed overnight and be left in suspense.  Once reviewed by the Accounting    Department it will be posted to your budget.